Easy Dreams

I want to tell you what is going on in my country, in Italy and how much, a lot of  young African women are suffering up to this very moment as you are reading this article. They are Nigerian, and for many reasons they want to leave their country, their families, friends in order to find a better place to live and a bit of money to help their  families in Nigeria. They leave their home because someone has promised them a brilliant future, good money to use as they wish and help their families, but it’s just a mere illusion. They approach these young ladies and promise them something, but this is just a game of Nigerian criminal organization with the help of Italian “Mafia” (very powerful Italian criminal organization present all over the world). They can arrange false document, Passport and transport these women from Nigeria to Italy and in many cases also by plane. Before leaving Nigeria these young ladies have to pass through the hands of an old man or woman, a sort of witchdoctor that makes an agreement between the lady and the spirits to give back all her dues to the criminals. They call in “Juju“.  It is almost impossible that the young lady breaks this contract with the spirits, because the voodoo or black magic practices in Nigeria are very well rooted in their culture.They strongly believe that every kind of disobedience to these spirits are punished with misfortune to them and all their families. If you break the pact you will see very soon suffering and death of one or more of your dear ones. The spirits will punish you because you have promised him something and you couldn’t keep it. Once they reach Italy, these ladies realize immediately that all the promises of making easy money, good job and good life are false and their teenage dreams crash against the hard reality: PROSTITUTION. That’s the reality, that’s their sad lives. Convincing them to sell the body for few euros is not difficult. They are sex slaves in the hand of a bad woman that they call “mamam” who controls them strictly and use every kind of physical and psychological abused, violence and threats in order to get money from them. Just to give a real example: every single young lady must give them back from 60.000 up to 80.000 euros before her freedom. They are forced to prostitute themselves every single day, every single night for almost 5 years non stop even if you are sick, weak, pregnant, if you having menstruation or some other complications, it doesn’t matter even if it’s Christmas, 31st of December, Easter, your birthday or other feast, you must work all the same, no excuses! That’s for four or five years consecutively. An Italian survey reported that at present, there are more than 35,000 Nigerian ladies forced to prostitute themselves and 10,000 maman in charge to control them. This kind of human traffic started in the 80′s and since then, almost 500 nigerian women have been killed, just in Italy. This is no longer an Italian or Nigerian problem but a global problem, even affecting Germany, USA,  Zambia and so on.  Everywhere we go we can find local criminal organisation  ready to sell false dreams to young ladies and in some cases also to very young children. So pay attention if someone approaches you and offers you a good job showing you the bright side of the world; good money, better life and other beautiful and attractive things, it will be a plan to make money with your skin and your life.

by Diego Cassinelli